July 26, 2007

mantras and bandits

My mantra has been found on a replica of a British WWII poster. I've had this little jewel curled up and stored for safe keeping quite a while now. I finally got it matted and framed and hung this week. I pondered over where to hang it. Ultimately, I decided my bedroom, over the changing table would be a fitting place. Because if there is a single place in my home in which one needs to "keep calm" and "carry on" it is at the changing table, in my bedroom!! I love the boldness and contrast of color against the sage green. It lifts my spirits.

This little baby bandit has been driving Frieda the super mutt crazy today. There is a family of raccoons (one mama and four babes) living in the trees just behind our backyard fence line. We hear them chitter chatter at each other and fight with the squirrels often. Frieda is slowly driving herself mad over the situation assigning herself guard at the fence and whining desperately at night to be let out to bark at all nocturnal creatures. I heard her acting anxious this afternoon and after I heard the familiar "talk", I ran outside to see if I could see anything. This guy was staring down at me posing perfectly for a picture. They sure are cute little devils!

Wonder Boy took part in a half day taekwondo camp this morning. He had fun and it was nice to run an errand with one less kid. He has been begging us for his own blog and email address - so funny. I think on one hand, it would a great way for him to learn keyboarding skills and help with reading and writing, but on the other hand, I hesitate somewhat feeling like it's exploiting my child even more than I already have by posting pictures on my own blog. So I waver. For now he is in love with the online game This is Daniel Cook. He is obsessed with Canada and all people or things that come from Canada lately - I have no idea why.

Divine Miss O is settling into her new role as a four year old these days. She is growing taller and smarter and sometimes sweeter by the minute. She adores her brother but doesn't take any guff from the big cheese. Her obsession with horses has grown as well after camp grandma. We are trying to talk grandma into adopting a Shetland pony for Miss O . . . . . . Miss O is already convinced it's a done deal.

Baby Love is full of sweetness and curiosity. Her favorite things to do is yell "hi" at innocent passerby, get into the garbage, climb the stairs and do everything her big sibs do. She is working on putting shoes on her feet. She thinks just about any shoe is meant to go on her foot as she will grab her tootsie by the ankle and try to attach shoes to them. However, she has forgotten one minor detail that WALKING is an important component for wearing shoes. She is getting closer though and her lovely PT, Ms. Beth, keeps telling me she has everything there to walk, we just have to wait until she is ready. Baby Love is slow and steady when it comes to reaching milestones. She just doesn't do things half-assed, she makes sure she has all the tools in place before hand.

I'm slowly getting myself organized to teach preschool this fall. I'm excited about getting my toes wet in the working world again. The job is very part-time but the situation is perfect. Wonder Boy will go to full-day kindergarten, Miss O will go to her preschool three mornings a week, and Baby Love and I will teach school those same mornings.

I'm in full party planning mode at the moment, gathering dinosaur ideas and getting favors put together. I do love it so!! Maybe that's my dream job . . . . planning kid birthday parties?? Hmmmm, maybe!

My house looks like it threw up on itself so I must go busy myself with something beneficial to our living situation. Blah!!

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