July 17, 2007


One thing that I absolutely can not stand, along with bike riders who insist on riding right on the white line instead of in the middle of the 4 foot bike path, people who talk on their cell phones while ordering fast food or coffees, people who don't drive completely into the turn lane when making a left hand turn, and menstrual cycles, is ungracious children. I don't mean kids who don't say "please" and "thank you". I mean kids who are rude. It totally drives me crazy when little spoiled, bratty kids show their true colors which isn't hard for kids to do. Kids are kids and they come out shining whether or not you are ready for it and I love that about kids. I really do. And I know there's also that age old question of nature vs. nurture. And I do like to believe that kids are just born how they are in some respects because God knows my Mr. Wonder Boy is completely high maintenance. . . . . . .in a brilliant way of course. But we as parents need to take our jobs so very seriously. I try my hardest to shape Wonder Boy, Miss O and Baby Love into kind and likable people. Sometimes I am rewarded when they use their manners or offer to help the neighbors or open the door to strangers and welcome them into our very messy house (to my horror). And, yes sometimes I am put on the spot and embarrassed by their behavior. But dammit I do take my roll as their mother seriously. We always, always talk about the behaviors that are not ok. I do the best I can and I can only hope my kids are "good" people when they are not in my presence. Unfortunately, not everyone takes their job as seriously. I was faced with the two most unthoughtful, rude children I have ever had the pleasure of meeting in a long, long time this weekend. To tell the truth, I felt a little like throwing up. I couldn't believe their hurtful comments and snide remarks. The worse part, they live across the street from us. It makes me wonder really how much of that is nature. Obviously these kids have been molded and their attitudes are learned behaviors. Sad!

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