July 3, 2007

red is the new tan

I took the kids outside to ride bikes and play in the cal-de-sac yesterday afternoon and I got fried!! It always takes me off guard after months and months of rain and overcast, the first few sunny days and my super pale skin instantly goes from white to red in the matter of seconds. My arms hurt and my forehead is itchy. Ouch! Luckily the kids were fine. Even with wonder boy's red hair and fair completion, he only came inside with a slightly pink nose. It must be because kids run around that the sun's rays don't have a chance to concentrate on their constant moving body parts. It does much better focusing all it's strength on the dumb-ass that stands out there in one spot with no sunblock chatting with the neighbors. I bought some sensitive sunblock this morning for my face - hopefully, I've learned my lesson and this sunblock won't clog my pores.

Baby Love had her therapy this morning. Now that school is out for summer, it was the first day of PT when I had all the kids. I had talked to Ms. Beth prior and asked if I could leave Baby Love with her, while the kids and I took a little walk around. She said "no problem!" However, I forgot to clear it with Baby Love and once she figured out we were gone, it really ticked her off. When we walked in the room at pick up time, all I heard was major crying. I peeked around the corner and Ms. Beth was holding Baby Love, trying to console her while she was taking in those big gulps of air (you know, those uncontrollable gasps you take after you've been crying really hard for a long time). My heart sank. I felt terrible.

I have weight watchers tonight and I'm afraid to eat. I worked out so hard last week and was so disappointed by the 2 pounds weight gain. I've done a little walking this week and managed to make some point friendly meals, so I'm curious to see what will happen.

The pace of this week is very slow. I don't have much going on which is major change from the weeks in the month of June. We had somethings scheduled almost every second of the day and it was really wearing me out. J has tomorrow off and we have no real plans for the 4th. We might go boating with our fab friends or we might take part in the neighborhood bike parade and bbq or we might continue getting things organized around the house. Our neighborhood brings in big dumpsters every year for all the neighbors to throw junk away. It is so cool!! We are having a big neighborhood garage sale the same weekend, so what doesn't sale, will get tossed. We've been in need of a major overhaul for a long time!!

Okay, that's all from here for now. Have a lovely Tuesday and Happy Fourth of July!

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