October 3, 2010

whipped body butter

I've been experimenting making whipped body butter and tonight I spent three hours trying to perfect the art. I've learned a few things in the process. 1. Using a hand mixer is NOT ideal. I think I might be burning out the little motor in the hand mixer I have. 2. Corn starch helps cut down on the greasy-ness. Otherwise, it's light as air and very fluffy, but once you start rubbing it into your hands, it becomes an oily mess. And, 3. I really have no idea what I'm doing and I fear I sort of suck at it.

The picture above is peppermint whipped Shea butter. It's smells absolutely yummy but I'm still having trouble with the grease factor. It looks fabulous in the picture though. Light. Dreamy. Fluffy. I heart the way it looks and smells.

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