October 25, 2010

indi chocolate launch

This past weekend was the exciting launch of my friend's company, indi chocolate, at the Northwest Chocolate Festival in Seattle Wa. It was so exciting to see the positive reactions to the products. My stomach was slightly queasy all day from the anticipation. But I'm here to say, everyone was extraordinary friendly and lovely to talk to. I would say the launch of indi chocolate was a huge success.

Maya from Warm 106.9fm stopped by and snapped a few pictures (below) of us working hard. Keep in mind this is at the end of the event and we both finally sat down after standing all day. I was super duper pooped out! But in a good way. Thank you Maya!



Anne-Marie said...

Such cute products and a great display; I love how you have the sugar cubes (?) all stacked up on a serving platter. Adorable.

little irish said...

Yup, sugar cubes. They were a big hit too. :D Thanks Anne-Marie!!