October 26, 2010

take a load off frankie

One chilly, blustery day I found the pups hanging out together...

...like this.

Which totally cracked me up!

I tip-toed away to search out my camera. Five minutes later, they were still just as I found them before.

This is Franklin's chair. He sits either on the back like lounging kitty cat, or he props himself up on the arm (always the same arm) of the chair like an elderly man settling down for an afternoon nap. He is mellow guy.

It is very unusual for Mavis to find a spot that makes her stop and rest. She is either in my lap, under my feet, or patrolling the house for anything out of sorts. She is not a relaxed dog with an easy going temperament.

So, you see, the scenario of these two hanging out together, Franklin taking a load off on his baby sister was a site to see in more ways than one.

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