October 11, 2010


I must apologize, I didn't make it very clear in my first ramblings on my weight loss journey. I am NOT considering lapband surgery. I was at first. Like, years and years ago. Mostly because I didn't think I would qualify for any other options. But, upon my first meeting with the weight loss surgeon, I quickly decided the lapband was NOT for me. Although, I think it's a fine tool for many people, having something foreign put into my body was not in the cards for me. I much rather have things taken out, than put in. That, I'm OK with.

I was almost scared away but through much research and much observation and many chats, I have decided (for the most part) to have gastric bypass surgery instead. With that said, I fully understand many people have strong opinions on this subject. Just like, I fully understand those said people just don't really understand.

Gone are the days of barbaric surgery. It's all very civilized really. No more invasive than getting a gallbladder removed. Patients who've undergone this procedure go on to live full, happy, healthy lives. Happy, healthy, productive lives of not being hot all the time or out of breath, shopping for clothes where ever they want and wearing summer clothes, not having people "judge" what they eat, having pictures taken, and just basically feeling good. They do not live the rest of their lives on baby food. Quite contrary in fact.

I know having surgery is not for everybody. It can be scary. It's life changing. But not taking risks only to continue on a path of failing diets, low self esteem and medicines is not the life I want to lead.

I. Am. Being. Proactive.

I'm not too far gone. I haven't lost hope in myself which is exactly why I started this journey. I want to be around for a good long time to bug my husband, travel to see my friends and enjoy my grandchildren. I am choosing to live my life, not watch it pass me by from my chair.

Need more information? Check out:

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There are many, many resources but these are a few of my favorites. I believe with all my heart I am making a very well informed decision. I've started going to support groups, see my doctor regularly and continue to gather information.

With that said, I move on. And, I expect any naysayers to move on as well. I'm happy to talk about my decisions in a positive manner, but I object to any negative comments or passive aggressive behavior.


Stephanie said...

I too am choosing life, a good life. I'm working hard on a healthier me, with many oops' along the way, but I am working on it daily. Good for you weighing all your options and choosing what is and is not right for you! I support you my dear friend in your quest to be healthier! Love you!

little irish said...

Thank you!! Three cheers to healthier, happier us!! Big smooch! xoxo