October 22, 2010

starts with a dream

Roughly seven months ago my friend, Erin Andrews, approached me with an idea. She had embarked on a journey of business partnership in "from bean to bar chocolate making" and she wanted to start up her own chocolate company in the states. Her idea was to use the chocolate by product and implement it into body care products like sugar scrubs, soaps and lotions.

I consider myself a "can-doer" and lover of all things DIY and crafty. But, I'll be honest with you my friends, I never in a million years thought I could make soaps and lotions. I was awe of people who could but I never wrapped my brain around actually doing it myself.

Erin was not convinced I couldn't make spa products and she enlisted me as her product developer. She and I took a class with the Soap Queen herself  and we learned the basics of soap and scrub making. We left with oodles of oils, butters and what-nots hoping that I could turn this new found knowledge into honest to goodness soap.


I struck out on the soap so far. My luck with incorporating the chocolate by-product into soap has befuddled me time and time again. But I hit four home runs so far. I just couldn't believe that I could put ingredients together and make lotion! And sugar scrub!! And lip balms! And cute little sugar cube scrubs!! I am so excited!

Erin has been busy getting her business up and running. She launches her company tomorrow, October 23rd, at the Northwest Chocolate Festival. I'll be there so if you happen to be in the area, stop by and say hello.


abby jenkins said...

congrats! It is always encouraging to see someone take an idea all the way. bravo

little irish said...

Thanks Abby. Crossing my fingers today is great at the launch. :)

Anne-Marie said...

Love the name of the company; fantastic! I can't wait to see the website when it's up. =)

little irish said...

"Chocolate" Erin has been working on the website and tweeking it here and there: http://www.indichocolate.com