October 4, 2010

mint chocolate lip balm

After feeling like I was blowing it in the whipped body butter department last night, my spirits have been lifted today. Turns out, the whipped body butter is not as horrible as I thought. After it sat in it's jar all night, it seems pretty great today. I'm still working on the overly greasy feel, but with a few kinks worked out, I think it will be awesome!

Another reason for my spirit lifting is these most excellent mint chocolate lip balms. I LOVE making lip balm. It's so easy and the results are fantastic. This mint version is especially lovely. Not only does it smell delish but it makes your lips tingle just slightly in a fantastical way.

If you are interested in some of these new products:: lip balms, sugar scrubs and body butters:: my chocolate maker friend, Erin, will be at the NW Chocolate Festival Oct 23 - 24 at the Seattle Center where they will be for sale for the first time.

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