October 17, 2010

chocolate chapstick sea

M'm M'm! That right there, my friends, is a sea of chocolate chapsticks. Or "lip chap" as Petite Artiste has coined them. My only wish right now is that scratch and sniff computer screens were available. These babies are creamy, smooth and chocolate. After sampling, Mr. Hawthorne announced his craving for a treat after dinner was gone. Who knew. Not only are our chocolate chapsticks fun to wear on your lips, but will help you avoid the dessert table too.


Mommy Moja said...

is it possible you can distribute it her in the Philippines? or can you teach me how to make this one? I love to start a new business like this one.. unique and pretty tasty to be a beauty product..

from rona of http://ronasays.blogspot.com/2010/10/when-your-kiddo-is-out-of-control.html

little irish said...

Hello there! Thanks for your comment. I am only helping my friend get her buisness off and running. Right now, sales will only be in the US. There are lots of websites and blogs that can help you get started. Good luck!