October 15, 2010

scrubby dub dub

Today was completely spent in the kitchen making coffee butter lip balms, chocolate sugar scrub cubes and emulsified chocolate scrub. My partner in crime and I did some testing of recipes. Some that flopped slightly and some that ran off to label themselves awesome.
These little beauts are almost perfect if I say so myself. I was testing a little recipe so the batch was a little too small for the mold which is why they are so skinny in size. But who doesn't like to be skinny?! I heart the crinkle cut big time.
And isn't little fellow handsome! He's all emulsified and smelly like chocolate. Almost good enough to eat. Don't eat him though, the emulsified wax and stearic acid doesn't taste that great. Not that I would know.

No really! I don't know!!

So anyway, some of our successes will be available October 23&24 at the Northwest Chocolate Festival. I'll be there Saturday hanging out around the "indi chocolate" booth. If you happen to be in the area, stop by and say hello.

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