May 1, 2010

playhouse for lasses

Happy Saturday to you!
My two lassies are pretty happy with their brand new playhouse which is a small room above the garage. I've had a major nesting bug this past two weeks. I form plans for organizing and revamping our living spaces to make life feel more relaxed and fun.
After cleaning out the little room I took cues from my nearest Swedish designer friend and painted the walls and ceiling ultra white. The room is little and without windows so I wanted to brighten it up as much as possible.

The girls and I had fun deciding where to put the kitchen and the table and chairs. We couldn't forget the high chairs and baby dolls too. The crib was mine as a little girl. One of those things I couldn't let go and I'm so glad I packed it around all these years. The pink high chair was found at a garage sale and the other high chair was purchased at an antique mall.
We added a storage shelf for all the cooking bits and bobs & pots and pans.
My Grandma Donna crochet the adorable rainbow table cover. Actually I'm not sure what her plan was for this when she gave it to me when I was young, but I've always had it on a table or dresser top. The colors are festive and bright...perfect for a playhouse.
I adore this little treat stand. I bought it at K-Mart in Michigan. Sometimes you find the best things at the oddest places.
Because the walls are white and the angles of the walls & ceiling are odd, I repurposed some old canvases to add some pops of color. These three turned out way different than I had planned but I'm happy with the results.
I sort of love this one and it's simplicity.


Amy Heller said...

Adorable!!! You are one fast mama!

Splendid Willow said...

Hi, girlie! I have not been here for so long that it is embarrassing! You know how I am all wrapped up in design - and when you talk about it, I can sniff it from a mile away!

Well done with the room! And you could sell your lovely artwork on Etsy!

Our master bedroom has light blue walls, but I am so ready for white.

The cake/sweets stand is adorable. I would have bought it too!

Cyber hug,


little irish said...

Thanks ladies. The girls have been having lots of fun playing. Now I'm trying to through all the stuff that was sorted in the room before I emptied it out. Yikes. :D

Stephanie said...

Oh and p.s. I am sooo jealous of that little play room! ;)

Stephanie said...

Someday I'll have to send you a pic of the doll crib that Lindsey has now, it was my mom's originally, then mine and Kel's and now Lindseys. Very similar to the one you have there. Oh the fun that little doll crib has seen!

little irish said...

I've seen your little crib on facebook Steph...I love it! You will have to come play in the playhouse someday. :)