May 10, 2010

today's challenge:: miss divine's room

This weekend I had one goal. Organize and clean Miss Divine's room. She had too many pieces of furniture and although her room is large, it has an interesting footprint. The chimney downstairs goes right up the middle of her room which is flanked by two windows. The wall her bed is on jets into her room which is adorable for her bed, but it makes it challenging to give Miss Divine spaces to play and keep her things organized. She has our old TV armoire in the corner (which I love but want to paint it white some day) and I took out a little dollhouse shaped shelf. I want to put in a little desk in it's place but I'm waiting until I find that perfect piece. Her room is also the only room in the house with wallpaper and although I'm not a fan of 80s floral wallpaper, this particular paper is not offensive. It also matches her horsey motif so it's low on the list of things to get done.

After going through and organizing (and throwing away) little misplaced treasures I put Miss Divine's little bits and doodads into a shoe organizer. It hangs on the back of her door, tucked away where no one can see it. It's easy for her to find her goodies and easy for her to clean up. She also has a smaller jewelry hanger in her closet for little things. I think I read about this trick in a magazine ages ago and finally put it into use. And, I must say, it's pretty handy. Barbies fit perfectly too so if you have a Barbie collector in your house, this would be a super way to store those special dolls.

This is the smaller hanging organizer. It hangs in Miss Divine's closet and takes up very little room. It also has front and back pockets. It's a good thing.

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