May 26, 2010

chocolate honeycakes

I predict very soon that you will grow tired of reading about my adventures into soap making. I apologize. This is all so new and exciting for me. And, I find a huge amount of joy in being creative and having it actually turn out.

Sadly, I'm not so sure this is the case for my brand new soap du jour. After some research, I learned beeswax and honey will make for a fabulous firm soap with super skin loving qualities. So I played around with some ingredients and test ran some chocolate honeycakes.

FYI: do not insulate your soap made with honey for it will cause the soap to superheat and although I'm not sure what super heating will actually do to your soap, I didn't want to find out. So I took the Internet's advice and did not insulate my soap. Also, the beeswax batter got very thick, very fast which didn't allow me a whole of time to mix in the honey and pour into the molds. The mold I used is a cupcake/muffin tin hence the name "honeycakes".

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