May 24, 2010

mantel :: before and after

I thought I took a before picture of our living room fireplace mantel before I took everything down, but I guess I didn't. Or at least I can't find it if I did. Which is the case in most instances. Like my brain. I haven't been able to locate that darn thing for at least a month now.
This picture was taken from the craft closet take-over. I had piled everything from a self onto the fireplace which is not how we've lived with the fireplace to date. But it gives you some idea of the mishmash-up like how the clock was not centered on the wall because I simply hung it on an existing nail. I had a few glass jars here and there. Sometimes they had things in them and something they did not. I wasn't in love with the look, but I didn't hate it either.
Then, one day a local craft store had a warehouse sale. I went to check it out having the thought firmly planted in my front lobe that I would not buy a bunch of "stuff" no matter how cheap it was. And I was successful in that until I was preparing to leave, empty handed. That was when I walked passed a huge mirror for....gulp....39 bucks. I've always wanted a big mirror and this deal was just too darn good to pass up.
So I bought that sucker and precariously loaded it into my minivan and brought it home.

This weekend Mr. Hawthorne hung it on the wall over the fireplace mantel, all centered and everything. I am extremely pleased. I also purchased that lovely vase you see there for a whopping two dollars. I added some branches from the backyard and Voila! Instant makeover!

Next up, we need to get some paint on these walls.


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