May 8, 2010

kickin' it old skool

The big kids' school had a PTSA fundraiser at the local roller rink. Everything from the smell to the skates to the mushroom sized seats to the lights and to the concession stand was all as I remembered it back in my day. It was totally awesome! The best part is the kids love it. El Fuego and Miss Divine took their in-line skates. We rented a pair of roller skates for Petite Artiste. She was wobbly at first and cried a little, but then she got the hang of it. So much so that after our roller derby adventure, we stopped the sporting good store and picked up a brand new pair for her to practice with.

See all those specs around Miss D and her friend? That's magic dust for awesome-ness!!

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Stephanie said...

I've had the pleasure of visiting Skateland quite a bit lately and I promise you it is EXACTLY the same as from when we were kids! From the dip in the floor in the consession area, the carpet and even the sinks in the bathroom that never drain. It literally takes me back 20+ years when I walk in that place. :) "It's an all Skate!"