May 31, 2010

before and afters

Nothing brightens a house (and my mood) more than some newly painted walls. I have a large framed print that I love the green colors in. It hangs on a small wall in the eating nook between the kitchen and family room. I proposed to Mr. Hawthorne that we paint the wall green to pick up the colors in the picture. Just one wall, one dark color. (In our last house, most of the walls were painted a dark color and although we loved it, we opted for lighter walls in this house).

Mr. Hawthorne set out to buy paint and came home with BEHR "Moss Landing".

Three coats later...Ta-Da!!

The hallway got a new color too. I very much wanted a light turquoise/blue-ish color for the entry way and a linen color for majority of the house color. Mr. Hawthorne came home with BEHR "Aqua Breeze" and BEHR "Off-White". Nothing has been painted in the off-white color yet so I'm eager to see just how it turns out. Although I love the idea of lighter walls this go around, I'm wondering if the off-white will have enough color in it for me.

The hallway was a dirty, dingy white probably painted a million years ago. And, now it's a lovely easy, breezy light blue. Fresh!!

All-in-all Mr. Hawthorne could start a side business painting houses because he rocks at it. I am a horrible painter. He is good at picking out colors and excellent at putting paint on the walls. Did I mention he is my go-to guy when it comes to painting furniture different colors too. We've revamped several hand-me-down and thrifted pieces which I love. Nothing makes me 'happy dance' more than finding a really well made piece of furniture in an ugly color, bring it home and watching Mr. Hawthorne puts his painting talents to work.

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RG said...

What I like is the painting, "Keep calm carry on"

Just ridin through, adios!