June 1, 2010

antique treasures

Treasures from the "famous" antique adventure have been put to use. All the big pieces I found are for Miss Divine's room. And since her seventh birthday is looming around the corner, the desk is her gift. She is over the moon!! I can't wait to get that wallpaper ripped off the wall and put a splash of color up. Everything in due time.

This tri-fold vanity mirror was tucked in the corner of a wee shop. It was on sale even. I have a very heavy mirror in the garage I had been planning to attach to this little dresser, but this vanity mirror is more fitting. Bonus: I didn't even have to change the color. Love!

My biggest and most exciting find of the day was this desk. It's actually a vanity missing the mirror. It had a jumble of stuff on top and in the store it looked off white. It was tagged at $60. but because of the holiday, it was on sale for 15% off. I snapped it up after I got a yes vote from my gals. I'm so happy about this. After I got it home, it looks more gray than white. But the color of furniture is relative when you live with Mr. Hawthorne. I love it's charm and it was exactly what I had in mind for this spot in Miss Divine's room. How could I go wrong?!

This chair I found first before spying the desk. It was also on the cheap plus on sale. I love, love, love the turquoise color. It matches the blues in Miss Divine's bedspread perfectly. I think I have her talked into light blues for her walls with pink and silver accents. As long as we have her horse pictures on the wall, she is cool with it.

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