February 5, 2008

random ramblings

My grandmother passed away six and half years ago. She'd had lived with her companion/common law husband, Ken, since before I was ever a glimpse in my mother's eye. All my life it had been Grandma Donna and Ken. Last week my mom informed me that he had died not totally unanticipated. The finality of his life was looming near and he had made arrangements for when it occurred. I wasn't exceptionally close with Ken however knowing of his passing is an odd feeling. It sort of feels like if you walk into a room once a year and the decor is always exactly, precisely the same. But one year you step into that said room and unexpectedly you sense something is different whether it be a plant was removed or a picture hung up or furniture moved slightly. You can't put your finger on what is different; you just know something has changed. May he rest in peace.

Preschool land has been taxing. It's felt like planning a birthday party with different themes every week and although I LOVE to plan birthday parties, especially ones with fantastic themes, doing it every week is exhausting and time consuming. I have glimpses of satisfaction from the job itself but those glimpses are often submerged in stress and high expectations. I have an overwhelming feeling of tension among a friendship because of it and I fear the crack won't be able to be repaired once this year is over. Only five more months . . . . . .

Angus the puppy doesn't look like a puppy anymore. He is truly a big dog with short legs. He is pretty smart and we have him mostly trained to ring a bell hanging off the door handle to tell us when he needs to go outside. For some reason he tells us he has to pee every 10 minutes but he will sneak off a poop in the corner. Argh!!! He and Frieda love each other now and their relationship is something to behold. I found a spot on the carpet today that at first I thought Angus had just had an accident. Upon further inspection it didn't really look like puppy pee. When we found Frieda she was a grown puppy herself and we had no clue of her background or where she came from. She had been hanging out near the country little store around the corner for a few days and no one had claimed her. I've never had her spayed but I've inquired with several vets about such operation. They've always led me to believe that she had probably had the surgery. Flash forward to weird spot on carpet this afternoon and I half wonder if she coming into heat for the very first time in her 10 year life. Angus is due to get neutered in a month or two (even though I wanted to do it sooner, the vet is following his office policy) so hopefully we won't be expecting "designer dogs" anytime in the near future.

The kids have been fighting a lot lately. It ultimately annoys me to no end but I secretly love hearing them bicker at times. It's a life I never knew. A world that fascinates me . . . . Siblings. It amazes me how horrible they can be with each other's feelings one moment and then be writing postcards and designing art for each other the next. Children are fickle and adaptable this I know. That toggle button is always being pushed. No matter how frustrated they are with each other, they are fiercely protective of one another at the same time. I love how Wonder Boy will always ask for extra stickers for his sisters at the grocery store. It never fails.

I just found this etsy pick of the day blog. What could be better? My new love of everything etsy in a blog. Fantastic!!

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