February 2, 2008


My love for elephants started at a young age. My aunt gave me this elephant penny bank when I was little, so little in fact that I don't ever remember receiving it. I don't even know if she painted it herself (in the 70s, they were big on ceramics ya know) or if she bought it this way. All I know is that I've just always had it.

Being that my first name starts with an E and just about everything involving stickers with letters and alphabet cards, etc for kids has a picture of an elephant to help with letter/sound recognition. So really without even trying, my collection sort of just grew. I'm not totally overboard with it however, although I have little trinkets here and there. Little reminders of my fondness for the gentle giants. I admire their sense of community and family in the wild.

I love to give anything elephant related as gifts too. Just ask my niece whose first name starts with an E too. By the time she is 8, she'll ask me to stop I'm sure.

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