February 9, 2008

caucus for hillary

J and I tried to "Caucus for Hillary Clinton" today. Sadly, it was a bust. From everything we had read, the caucus started at 1pm and voting started at 1:30. We were under the impression all we had to do was walk in, sign our name, and claim to vote Democrat, pick Hillary and be on our way. I even told Wonder Boy if he was really good, he could use my camera to take pictures of us "caucusing" so I could upload a picture or two for this very post. We arrived with three kids in tow around 1:15, passed the miles of parked cars and entered the overly crowded middle school cafeteria. First we had to find our number on this 'one' map where the numbers were so tiny and you had to fight 20 people to get up close. Then you had to struggle with the crowds to find your table with your number. By the time we found our table, we couldn't get to the table because of the many people just hanging around which totally surprised me so many people were "just there". It didn't seem like people were voting and then leaving. J managed to crawl up to the table only to find out we were too late. What???? Our neighbor was there trying to explain the rules and J said it looked like the majority of the people from our table were for Obama. Disappointed and disgruntled, we left. The whole thing was totally disorganized and really confusing. I really wanted to have my voice count for a little something and feel apart of the change this country so desperately needs.

After we left, I took Wonder Boy to his Valentine party and J went home with the girls. He said the neighbor later came over to chat about the process and explain why weren't able to vote. What a mess! I am totally bummed because I really wanted to say "I caucused for Hillary!" Oh well, at least I can say I tried.

I really want Hillary Clinton to be our Democratic Presidential nominee. I want a woman to take office. I like Obama, I do, but at the end of the day he is still just a man. Every time I see him speak on TV I'm left with the same impression. It feels like a high school student body president speech. "If you vote for me, I promise to put vending machines in the hallways and more Friday night dances!!!" Not only is Hillary a woman but she's been in office before as the first lady. I think she knows exactly what she's in for with this job.

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