February 29, 2008

this and that

The weather has been downright gorgeous this week. Spring is on it's way and I love it! For some weird reason, this weather kick-starts me into deep cleaning mode. Move furniture around sort of cleaning mode. I can't help it. The sun comes out, the windows get cracked and I rearrange rooms every chance I get.

It's also that time of year where the girl scout cookies arrive. I had completely forgotten that I ordered five boxes from my friend's daughter several months ago. She showed up yesterday with them in hand. I put most in the freezer in hopes it would curve my eating them.
(it's not working . . . . )

My mom is in New York! She's turning into quite the world traveler these days.

I took my first Pilate's class last night and surprisingly I'm not as sore as I thought I would be. We focused a lot on core strength training which my tummy really needs so I thought I wouldn't be able to move this morning. So far, I feel good. I'm eager to do it again. (added later: okay, after 24 hours, I'm officially sore especially my abs - ouch!)

J is gearing up to coach Wonder Boy's baseball team again this year. Their first practice is tomorrow and their new team name is the PIRATES. Both are excited!

I was summoned for jury duty next week. Grrrrr! It's not like they want me to sit in on a jury if they just stopped and thought about it. I think everyone is guilty! People who commit crimes are a freakin' waste of time! I wrote in to be dismissed with Jason working and me not having child care, etc. Jason will have to take time off.
I'm waiting with crossed fingers and toes that I get dismissed.

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