February 15, 2008

love is always in the air

Happy Valentine's Day a day late. I made red velvet cupcakes with cherry frosting which by the way is my new favorite frosting. I want to make some devil's food cupcakes with cherry frosting next. M'm, M'm!! This week has been busy although there isn't anything super exciting to tell. You would think after a week of blog silence I would have something fantastic to share but "I got nottin!"

I am one of three room moms/party planners for Wonder Boy's class. I was feeling a little guilty about not making valentine's day all red, pink and sparkly for the kids. I was knee high in making 24 heart-shaped shortcake for their strawberry shortcake dessert, cutting out pictures of the kids' faces so they could make valentine's for their parents during the party, and I found strawberry drinks to wet their whistles . . . . . but I wasn't able to attend and help out in the actual party. The timing was poor and I wasn't able to find someone to take the girls for me. Actually I didn't really ask anybody because I knew the day would be busy enough without trying to find someone to pick up Miss O and getting Baby Love dropped off as well. I worked in preschool land, Miss O had dance class, WB had Tae Kwon Do after school, etc, etc, etc. I gave the girl their little bobbles and Wonder Boy recieved some very cool robots. I didn't do the day up. I didn't wear red. I didn't buy cute heart t-shirts. I didn't make red pancakes with pink cholocate milk. I didn't line the kids up and take valentine inspired photos. I didn't send out love cards. Heck, I didn't even get around to sending out Christmas cards for 2007. I sort of just threw some prizes at the kids and said "Happy Valentine's Day!", quickly followed by "put your shoes on, we gotta go." I did manage to take the kids to pick out their very own Webkinz and we had fun figuring out the whole little virtual world last night. So I felt like I redeemed myself a little bit until J came home with perfume for me. Sneaky move Mr. Man, sneaky move!

This morning I read an article titled 'The Unexpected Benefits in Lazy Parenting' in the newest issue of Wondertime. All the sudden I felt great! I love hearing or reading something and thinking to myself "yes, exactly". I live somewhere on the middle ground of total lazy parenting and over-the-top-super-mom daily. My kids watch tv. They eat candy and white bread. Their rooms are a mess and none of them sleep with a top sheet. I don't arrange playdates every week or send Wonder Boy to school with a fabulous packed lunch everyday. Half the time, no one gets their hair brushed unless you consider me running my fingers through locks of hair, brushing. However, we eat dinner together every night. We always read stories before bed. Clothes are clean, although not always folded. The kids play with each other often and I think it would be safe to say that they are each other's best friends. We seek out mini adventures together on sunny days. Making each other laugh with silly knock-knock jokes is a favorite pass time. And there is never a shortage of hugs and kisses. So even though I fell lax on the holiday of love yesterday, I think it's safe to say the kids know they are loved more than I can ever promise every day.

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