February 20, 2008

ni hao

Baby Love is turning two on March 2nd. We decided to host a little family party in her honor becuase let's face it, we are a party in itself. Hopefully our cousins, aunt, uncle and grandparents can join us. I thought about inviting our family friends too, but the thought of a mellow, low key event sounded very good to me. However I couldn't resist making party invitations. (I am making birthday scrapbooks for each of the kids and I like to include the invite as well). Wonder Boy, The Divine Miss O, sleeping Baby Love and I went to the craft store yesterday and picked out some fun paper. Then I used the awesome die cut machine to cut out twos. Great fun! I was in heaven with all the many ideas of cool things I could cut out of paper with ease.

I decided on a "sort of" asian theme for the party with kid friendly sushi. I ordered some adorable lanterns and little umbrellas for decorations because this is me we are talking about and it's hard for me to resist doing anything up all theme like. Love it!!

I picked up some supplies for cupcakes last night - yum!!! I can't wait to taste cherry frosting with devil's food cupcakes. M'm, M'm!! But I also want to get a little cake decorated with a panda if I can find a bakery that will do it.

I ordered an adorable little purse/bunny carrier/anything basket for Baby Love's birthday present from Penelope PeaPod. It's so cute and I know she'll love it. She is all about putting things in and out of bags and carrying them around lately.

I'll be sure to post party pictures . . . .

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