February 20, 2008

growing up

It is hard to believe we only brought this little ball of fur home on December 1st.
And he now looks like this . . . . .

Angus went to his doctor appointment yesterday for his last round of vaccines. He is a pretty big baby or a "wussie" as one of the techs called him. The vet took him to the back room to give him his shots and take his blood because the two of us couldn't hold him well enough. So she took him back where four gals had to hold him and he cried (loudly) and struggled. Poor guy!

He is somewhat of a slow learner as he just started going down the stairs. But he is super smart in that he learned to ring a bell hanging off the door to tell us he has to go potty pretty quickly. I think it's pretty safe to say he is potty trained and hasn't had an accident in the house for about a month now. Good boy!!

However, it's super hard to get a good picture of him . . . . . he is a quick little bugger!

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