February 18, 2008

first hair cut

To cut or not to cut, that is the question. Baby Love has great curls and I was reluctant to go get her locks trimmed. However, that being said, I was super eager to get her hair cut into a cute little bob with bangs. (The same cut Miss O wore as a toddler because I love it so.) The problem is that her curls only looked this cute, right after getting a bath. Once slept on and living through her toddler adventures, her hair was always a mess. Tangled and stringy. So on this sunny afternoon, two weeks before her second birthday, we headed to the place Wonder Boy and Miss O got their very first hair cuts, which by the way, is the only time I've been to this place.

The car was fun but she was nervous about the whole hair cut ordeal. She sat quietly while Sindy trimmed and sprayed and combed her hair.

In the end, she is happy and cute! I used the blow dryer to straigthen out the curls. And this was the end result. Her hair will thicken up and I'm curious if her locks will stay curly.

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