November 1, 2007

just say no to oodle and poo

J and I sorta, kinda have our hearts set on getting a Scottish Terrier. I want a black male so that I can name him Angus Andrews (no joke). But I would settle for a girl and name her Fiona too. This is a somewhat hard decision for me because shelling over hundreds of dollars for a dog when I can save a dog's life for almost free is tough for me. I'm a firm believer that mixed breeds (aka mutts) make the best dogs. In most cases, you can go down to the local humane society and picked out a perfect pet in no time. For a small fee they make sure your new family member is spaded or neutered and current on all vaccines. Or you can be walking into the corner "little store" one warm, July afternoon and walk out with your very own Frieda for the cost of Frito Lays potato chips. We've had Frieda for at least 10 or 11 years now. She is truly the best family dog. She hardly sheds, great the kids, very low maintenance - we love her! But then there is that cuteness factor tug when I see those adorable black Scotties that makes me want to throw caution to the wind and scrounge up all the change I can find just to fork over at least five hundred smackaroos. I know! Totally crazy!! But have you seen those little buggers? They are friggin' cute!

J thinks it would be fun to get a puppy for Christmas (you know, the time of year everyone charges more) as a surprise for the kids. He has been randomly browsing the web, asking people at work, doing research, etc. He checks a Seattle website for local dog sellers and we were looking through the recent postings tonight. All these weird names started popping out. Schnoodle! Cockapoo! Labradooble! Goldendoodle! Pomapoo! Chiapoo!!!!! Really? For real?Come on people!!! You are just making mutts and calling them "designer dogs", then charging an arm and leg for those poor animals. What gives? If there is real money out there selling mixed breeds, you know - mutts, then I'm going to find the next unsnipped male poodle and letting Frieda get busy. Who knew!! Look out world . . . . . . Aussiecatoodlelabs are the next big thing! (So I'm guessing because we really don't know what breeds Frieda is. However, that shouldn't matter to you as long as we brand those poor puppies some ridiculous "oodle poo-poo" name, we'll have you running for your checkbooks. Well, that is, if Frieda wasn't fixed.)

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