July 3, 2011

they hatched!

The Bird Project was due to hatch any day, but this morning Ms. Redbreast surprised us! We knew robins incubate their eggs for about 12 to 14 days after they are laid. So I was anticipating hatching to happen this week. However, I assumed tomorrow would be the day I needed to watch for eggs cracking.

As I sat at my computer this morning watching Ms. Redbreast collect worms from the front yard and taking many trips back to her nest, I had a feeling something was up. Our mama robin surprised us again!! I waited for Ms. Redbreast to fly off searching for breakfast and I climbed up, camera in hand, to take a gander.

The blue eggs are gone and have been replaced with a cluster of brand new fuzzy feathers and pink skin. The teeny mass of pink and white moves A LOT and if you are very quiet, wee chirps and peeps can be heard.

The "nestlings" remain in the nest for 14 to 16 days before fledgling. Which means more waiting for us, but the baby birds means more work for Ms. Redbreast. Her days of waiting are over.


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