July 11, 2011

the bird project :: part two

While on vacation last week our little Bird Project doubled in size and changed dramatically. I checked on the babies before we left and they were still fuzzy and pink and tiny. Nothing had really changed since they hatched.

But four days later, we returned home to birds that actually resemble birds. They are darker and feathers have filled in. They open their eyes and sleep all the time.

Ms. Redbreast spends her day patrolling for meals. She flies back and fourth all day long. And, when she finally settles down for the night, there isn't room for her in the nest she built. So she sits on her babies' heads.

It is a sight to see at night....
Mama perched on top of her nest and little beaks sticking out from under her belly.

It seems to be our house has become a bit of a bird sanctuary. Not only did we return home to find our robin Bird Project bigger and stronger, but we found a Chickadee had built herself a nest inside the eaves. It's high up and we can't see anything but the Chickadee flying in and out.

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Irish Centre Online said...

The beaks on the baby birds are quite big, i wouldnt want to walk in the way of them