July 16, 2011

the bird project :: and then there was none

 Yesterday, by pure accident, I happened to video a brief moment of one of the Robin parents feeding the babes. Little did I know this would be one of the last times, we would see all three together. A few nights back, Ms. Redbreast stopped sleeping in the nest with the babies. Or stopped sleeping on their heads rather. However, the two parents would spend their entire days flying back to the nest for meal times.

Today I stepped up to a snap a picture because two of the babies had been very active. I wanted to score a photo before they started leaving the nest. I knew the pending flights would be soon.....I just didn't expect it to be TODAY!

Which makes me wonder. Is this how it's going to feel when my own children leave the nest?? I don't think I will survive if it is.

(Taken through window)
Bird number one about to jump ship.

Bird number two quickly followed suit.

And, then about an hour later, baby number three decided to take a leap of faith. I took a video of our last baby birdie about to fly off on its newest journey. It takes a while for it to decide to go but it is a momentous moment. Well to us anyway.

We can see the babies out and about, dodging into bushes and exploring their new world. The parents will continue to stay close feeding them and protecting them. The babies will practice their flying skills and learn how to feed themselves. Then in a few days they will fly off to find their own mates and own territories. For this is their parents' territory.

It's exciting and oh so very sad at the same time. We've grown accustom to greeting our birds every morning and saying goodnight before we turn off the porch light every night.

So with a slightly heavy heart, on this day, the sixteenth of July, I announce The Bird Project complete.

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