July 1, 2011

hello july!

Happy July 1st!! (Where the heck did June go?) I'm so happy to wake up to this month that already seems more cheerful than last month filled with it's grey skies and sprinkles and chilly temperatures. July has greeted us with sunshine and fluffy white clouds. Gotta love a start like that.

Other causes for happiness:
Mr. Hawthorne is on vacation next week
Summer break hasn't been terrible with the kiddos (granted only seven days in)
The house is clean
Lots of friends in town to visit and see
53 pound weight loss (1/2 way to goal)
Shopping trips planned to my favorite antique district
Celebrating 13 years of marriage
The Bird Project
Camping trips in yurts and cabins (I'm so not a tent camper)
and summer birthday parties

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