July 18, 2011


I'm lovin' Duck Tape!!
Not just any duck tape but color, printed duck tape that I can do this 
and this! 
It's never been so easy to pull a birthday party together.

I'm lovin' Brett Dennen!
Seriously this kid can sing and his words speak to my soul. Not to mention we are a tad biased to red hair around these parts.

I'm lovin' robins!!
Ever since our Bird Project, we've been ga-ga over these birds.
Truth is, I've been smitten with robins since I was young. We had one as a pet. No joke! See:
Let me introduce you to Robbie. My mother rescued this baby bird when it had a broken leg (or wing, I can't remember which) and nursed him back to health. He lived with us for a good while. After he healed, he would fly during the day and come home at night....until one evening he didn't come home. I'm thinking he found a mate and raised a little family of his own.

I have two. Black and gray. Now that I weigh the same as my wedding day (60 pounds down), I could wear one every day, ya know, if it wasn't for that stinky, having to wash clothes thing.

I'm lovin' cherries!!
We hit up the local farmer's market last week and scored five pounds of cherries for five bucks. We've been eating cherries with every meal and snack since. They are most delicious.

I'm lovin' Plants vs Zombies!
I recently bought the app/game for my phone. El Fuego and I have been hooked ever since. It's seriously entertaining even though battery charging happens frequently.

I'm lovin' Skype!
Free online video chatting with my bestie in Michigan is a blasty blast!
It's like we are in each other's living rooms. What could be better? Well, actually being in a living room together I suppose. But this is the next best thing so I say "Yay Skype!!"

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