July 15, 2011

turning ten

El Fuego is on the cusp of turning into a tween. The big one, zero is upon us. That's right double digits from here on out.

We've known what theme we wanted for his tenth party for a while now. We just didn't really have our heads wrapped around the logistics. We decided we would meet up at the local skate park and have friends bring their scooters, skateboards, or bikes for a fun time.

Tiny Prints (link removed per companies request) supplied us with these awesome and oh so perfect invitations.

This week, El Fuego and I did some party shopping. We found these boxes at the Paper Zone for different and fun favors. Our plan is to fill the boxes up with a water bottle, a bag of chips (or snack) and a toy perhaps. El Fuego found the cute flags at the local party store. And the checkered tape was at Michaels.

Since we will be at the skate park, we haven't decided on food yet. I'm thinking maybe donuts in place of a cake for the kids. Still working out all that out. Stay tuned!

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