July 26, 2011

touch base tuesday

So as it seems the rest of the country is having a major heat wave, my little corner of the world is not. It's been chilly. It's been rainy. It's been dreary. And, it's been gray. Oh sure, we've had a few brushes with sunshine here and there. The temps would actually climb into the high 70s. Even touch the 80s. Everyone would rejoice, claiming "summer had finally arrived", only to be disappointed the next day when we plummeted back into the 60s.

We've managed to keep ourselves busy anyway. El Fuego had his turn at Camp Grandma last week. And, Miss Divine returned for pony camp at the end of the week. They both had a blast and came back dirty and tan.

In the big kids' absence, Miss Petite and I had a big yard sale with the neighbors in our driveway. Miss P enjoyed selling lemonade with the lemonade stand she got for her birthday. She racked in some bucks too, although I'm not quite sure how she did it. I wasn't paying much attention to her sales so it came to a big surprise to me when I saw her loot.

The kids started swim lessons yesterday. It's an outdoor pool and of course it was raining. They loved swimming in the 92 degree water while it was drizzling on their heads. They thought it was the best thing ever in fact. The girls can not wait until tomorrow for their second lesson. El Fuego is a little more cautious about it all. He is still warming up to the whole idea.

Speaking of El Fuego, he is about two weeks away from his 10th birthday. I can hardly believe it. I mean, ten!! TEN! Not only that, today Miss Petite has a doctor appointment for her pending entry into kindergarten. When did my babies start growing up?? Although, if you happen to be in my neck of the woods that fabulous day in September, when all three kids pile onto the bus leaving for the SAME school with the SAME schedule....you might just witness me doing the happy dance.

Another reason for happy dances? School supplies! I do love the smell of school supplies. Last night I snuck out and got all three kids stocked up for the year. I'm so relieved to have it done and separated per kid. We just need to label everything and pack it up. Yippee!

Things not so happy dance worthy? My dryer died. I haven't washed a load of clothes since last week. It's starting to get a little desperate in the undergarment department. Luckily my handy husband has the fix under control. The part is due to arrive soon and we'll be up and running again shortly.

Well folks, I'm thinking that about wraps up Touch Base Tuesday. I think I've dripped on long enough. If you got this far, I now proclaim you a saint full of patience and kindness. If you stopped reading half way through, well, I don't blame you. Not the most exciting post is it. And, no pictures?? What gives?!

Hope you are enjoying your Tuesday!

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