June 20, 2011

the bird project

A couple weeks ago, a very determined robin started building a nest upon our porch light. She was extremely messy during her construction phase. I was slightly annoyed by her building and she was slightly annoyed that my desk is in the front window. We had a few stare downs, she and I, but in the end she managed to get her nest built. And, I reluctantly let it be in spite of the mess.

Roughly five days ago, after we made peace, I noticed the construction had come to a halt. Her nest was complete. So I cleaned up her feathering droppings and snapped a couple pictures of her progress announcing "The Bird Project" to be finished. Because this wasn't her first attempt at nest building upon the porch light. In fact, this was her third attempt which might explain why she and I were at war.

She would start to build and I would tare down and clean up.

Over the last two nights, we started to noticed Ms. Redbreast sitting in her nest and our presence wasn't scaring her away. It was odd being that we had never actually seen her in the nest that she was so adamant about building.

This morning, my suspicions were peeked, so I climbed up, yielding my camera, to take a gander. I was pleasantly surprised to find two shiny blue eggs. I waved my white flag and made a decision right then and there not to fight over the porch light anymore.

Robin = 1, me = 0.

So there you go. I thought "The Bird Project" was done, but in fact, it's only just begun.

Stay tuned!

UPDATE:: Hours after posting The Bird Project, Ms. Redbreast surprised us with egg #3.

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