July 10, 2011

grayland beach state park

Oh man, I left you hanging with that visit to the zoo didn't I?! Truth is, this last week has been so full of fun activities and even 'funner' people. Mr. Hawthorne has been on vacation so we've been living it up! So, I've been away from computer. I was thinking about you all though!! (wink, wink)

Our big adventure for the month of July was a camping trip to Grayland Beach State Park. We reserved a yurt, which happens to be my new favorite way to camp. Tent camping is just too Blair-Witchy for me. I feel exposed and cold and I don't sleep causing me to be a crabby camper. Yurts are awesome because you are still roughing it but you have a locking door, beds off the floor and heat!
And, let me tell you, heat came in very handy this camping trip because we left the 80 degree weather in our city and was welcomed to a balmy 50ish degree beach weather. My hair was not happy about that and neither was my body. It was freezing! And, I was sort of second guessing this trip the beach. (Shhh, don't tell Mr. Hawthorne!)

Luckily, our first night was the worse, weather wise, and besides forgetting to pack socks for Miss Divine our camping trip was a huge success.

The sun came out to warm us up. Our camp site was cool too! The kids spent oodles of time climbing trees, building a fairy village, riding scooters and making friends with the kids next to us.

The next day, we drove into Westport WA to see the sites. Our first stop was at the most charming antique shop. I was in heaven!! (more about that later).

Much like our trip to Cape Disappointment last year, we enjoy scoping the land for lighthouses. We visited the tallest lighthouse in Washington state where all five of us climbed 135 steps to get to the top.

I love that my brood enjoys the amazing lighthouses as much as I do. It's rewarding and downright awesome! Unlike last year, Miss Petite was able to go to the top too. She was delighted!

Hands-on learning environments rock! My most favorite part me thinks!

Certificates were rewarded once we reached the ground again. All three kids were beaming!! It was made extra special by the volunteer (an ex-school principal) which made me extra happy.
It wasn't all learning and exploring though. We threw in some good ole fashion fun too. We had El Fuego at go-kart! That kid is made for speed and he loved every minute of it.

Even Miss Petite was able to drive with some daddy help. You could hear her yelling "go faster!" and "bump him!"
We spent a great deal on the beach too in spite of the chilly temps. Wave chasing, kite flying, jelly fish finding, and sand castle building was had by all five of us.

Of course, s'mores were made every night too. Games of hide and seek were played in the sand dune area in the middle of the camp sites with the neighboring kids as well.

We warmed ourselves up with campfires and enjoyed being outside.

We stayed up late and tuckered ourselves out.

De-sanding a certain five year old a regular basis was the biggest challenge.

The kids loved every minute of it.

Per usual, all good things must come to end and we are home now. Resting up and cleaning the beach and campfire smell out of everything. Mr. Hawthorne goes back to work tomorrow (sniff).
Back to life...

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