June 28, 2011

summer vacation

Hello folks! Summer break has officially started around these parts. We are four days in. But whose counting? Last Wednesday, Miss Petite and I met the big kids at the bus stop with "last day" treats. She was very excited about passing out surprises to each kid that came off the bus.
Then we congratulated the newest second grader...
...and fourth grader.
Yikes!!! Next year I will have a 4th grader, a 2nd grader and a kindergartner. *blink, blink, blink!*

We have been getting to know our newest family member. And, yes, I've accepted her as one of our family even though our introduction to each other was a little rocky. I allowed her nest to stay and she has kindly not pooped all over my front porch. A compromise? I think so.
She's surprised us with "The Bird Project" which we've enjoyed immensely. At last report, there were only two eggs, but shortly after a third appeared. We read robins typically lay four eggs but between 3 and 5 is normal. Our Ms. Redbreast has decided her clutch is three strong much like my little irish family. Which makes me like her even more.
Now we wait. According to our online searches on egg hatching of robins, we have about a week to wait. Ms. Redbreast dutifully sits upon her clutch and waits as well.

Last night a few friends came to visit to kick off the summer vacation right! We had our first sleep over in this house as our friends came to us from California. Kids in every nook and cranny giggling, reading, and playing. A few tears were shed about going to sleep and we are all a little loopy from the lack of, but it's all in good fun.
We spent the morning eating breakfast at the local cafe, playing games and climbing trees. What's better than that?!
Today actually felt like summer for the first time. Although the sun hasn't been terribly sunshiny, the weather is delightful. I've enjoyed the windows being open and filling the house with that delish summer smell. We said goodbye to our friends this afternoon and then the house was suddenly quiet.

We occupied the rest of the day with watermelon jolly ranchers and being lazy. There were lots of things I thought about doing but in the end decided I was too tired to do any of it. The summer has just started, we've got lots of time, right?!

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