February 9, 2011

to pay or not to pay

It seems I have reached my "free" blogging limit. When I started rambling about this and that just under four (holy crap) years ago, I never thought I could possibly fill up 1GB of space. And, let me just say this. What the heck have I have been going on about for four years?!?! Four years of typos it seems. I really don't fancy myself as that much of an interesting person that I would fill up four years worth of babble. Much like my home, I'm sure there is a lot of clutter I could weed through and get rid of.

Blogger wants a whopping five dollars of my money for 20 GB. Because I don't want to start all over in blog land, I guess I will most likely hand over some dinero. If it took me four year to fill up one, imagine what I could do with twenty?!?!

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