February 27, 2011

no-sew bunting

I bought this 'vintage' sheet (made into a bedspread) at an antique shop for seven dollars a while back. At the time, I was going to use it as a table cloth for Petite Artiste's birthday party. But, the more I looked at it, the more I didn't like the VERY loud colors. All that orange and yellow just didn't tie into our theme. I wanted a way to use the sheet for decor but tone down the brightness while maintaining the home-grown backyard birthday style. I did a little searching around the Internet for no-sew bunting and found bright and blithe as well as mybricole. Both had super cute, easy and cheap tips.

I made a triangle pattern and traced it onto the sheet. Using pinking shears, I cut them out.

I went back and forth about how to actually put the bunting together without sewing. I decided to use Heat n Bond which luckily was very easy to use.

Simply, cut a piece to fit.

Fold over the fabric and iron the yarn (or ribbon) in between.

Voila! Here is a small peek.


mybricole said...

thanks for the link
I love the raggedy ann and andy print and using heat and bond is great idea. I love that stuff.
Your bunting looks fab!

little irish said...

Thank you for the great inspiration! :D