February 8, 2011

fastest in the pack

So it was that time of year again. Pinewood Derby.

When we moved to this new abode just over a year ago, we also moved into new school boundaries. It was a bit of an adjustment all around even though we literally only moved a mile away from our old house. One topic that we mulled over was El Fuego's cub scouts pack. Even though he would be in a new school this year, we had the option of staying with the pack from his old school. Which would mean seeing old friends, etc.

I think because, deep down, we were all sort of craving a fresh start, we decided to check out the pack at the new school. The kids and parents are all lovely, so we made the decision to switch El Fuego's pack. We thought this would be a way to make some new friends at the new school and help ease the transition which surprisingly, he had some difficulty with.

With that said, El Fuego had earned himself a bit of a reputation with the old cub scouts pack. He had won first place with his den two years running. As well as winning first place out of the whole pack his first year out and second place the second year. Impressive since he REALLY does build these cars by himself with very little guidance from Mr. Hawthorne.

So here he was. Faced with his third Pinewood Derby race, his third race car and a brand new pack. Rumor was we were to be on look-out for a certain boy holding the "Fastest in the Pack" title two years running. We chatted a lot with El Fuego about how it might be different this year and how he most likely won't win. And, not winning is a good lesson in being a good sportsman. On the pack meeting before the race, the cars were on display, and we talked a lot about how fast the cars looked and what a great derby race it was going to be.

So, you can imagine just how surprised I was when El Fuego and Mr. Hawthorne came home after a long evening with a trophy in hand. My firecracker boy did it again! He took home first place in his den and went on to bump the reigning first place champion by tenth of seconds, earning himself the title Fastest in the Pack.

El Fuego's red roadster waiting to be raced.


1st place winner!