February 15, 2011

happy camper

I've had many versions of my "studio dreams" through out the year. One has been a little building tucked away in the corner surrounded by trees and silence. One has been an apartment, of sorts, on the top floor of a workshop for Mr. Hawthorne. And, one that keeps rambling around my noggin is a vintage camper.

A neighbor around the bend has an airstream parked out in her mossy backyard. I can see it peeking from time to time when I drive by. I heart the look of it. Actually, and more accurately, I heart the idea of a quiet space of my own away from the chaos of kids and dogs and housework.

I came across Nora Pearl, the vintage cottage camper the other day. I love seeing the sweet photos of renovated campers with a fresh start ahead of them. Fun!

Mr. Hawthorne and I have talked much about finding ourselves a camper to take the kids out on excursions during the summer time. So every now and again, I float around the Internet to see what is out there. I am NOT a tent camper my friends. I get too Blair Witched out. So, one of these lovely "vintage" campers seems ideal.

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