February 4, 2011

problem solved

My milk bottle desire has been put on hold, temporarily. I say, temporarily, because I still very much require 1/2 pint glass milk bottles to live with me at some point in time. I just think they are the cutest things ever and I have visions of setting them out with some colorful drink in celebration. But, in the time being, I found these.

Cute, right?!

The other day, I opened up the storage 'hole' that runs under the stairs. It is a great area for hiding all sorts of things. And, hide I did. When we moved into this house on probably the most rainy weekend of the year, I found myself chucking odds and ends into this storage without thinking. I had no idea what do with all the stuff that was coming into the house at a rapid pace so stuff I did. However, I never went back to organize it all. Then when things that really needed to be stored got stuffed in with all the other stuff and this great storage space became overstuffed.

Sooooo, yesterday.....I pulled all the stuff out.

After muttering to myself "what is wrong with me?" several times for stuffing all this stuff into the 'hole', I found my little teacups. Therefore, even though my living room is now full of stuff, I was rewarded in the end.

I found these on clearance and gobbled them up for Miss Divine's fifth birthday almost three years ago. I suppose it's fitting to reuse them for Petite Artiste's fifth birthday. Yay! 

Now I must go deal with my stuff.

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