February 12, 2011

teacher valentine gifts

Recently, I tried my hand at glass etching. And, it's so easy....well this quick and cheap way is so easy. Let me tell you, I love quick and cheap!! When it comes to crafting that is.

I've been smitten with glass bottles recently. I desire a sweet set of all the same shape and size. For now, I've been trying to be creative with the bottles the Starbucks frappuciino drinks come in while being hopped up on caffeine. 

 I used a heart shaped punch for my quick and easy design.

 Then I cut around the shape. No need to be exact.

 Using painters tape, I centered the shape onto the bottle.

 Follow directions on the Armour Etch bottle and apply a thick layer.

 Wait five minutes.

Pull off stencil, rinse with water and...


 We added pink flowers for instant cute.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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