February 24, 2011

snow day 2011

Just like the day before, our phone rang at 6am informing us school was cancelled for the day. Except, unlike yesterday morning, there was actual snow on the ground. A good lot of it too! Wet, fluffy, white stuff everywhere. Finally.

This afternoon we headed out in the backyard for sledding down our wee hill and snowman building. A snowman, by the way, our young pups can not stop barking at. Like a big, frozen stranger in the corner of the yard, he stands watching. The fact the guy never moves, with that cockeyed smile, whips the dogs up into a frenzy. It's actually quite comical, however, my poor neighbors are most likely very annoyed at the noise.


The kids built ramps to sled down. It was a good time as tongues were wagging.

We were in fits of laughter watching El Fuego build his ramp (higher and higher) and flying down it while catching air.

Then we came inside to warm up and watch movies. It was a successful snow day!

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