September 29, 2010

slow motion

Monday had me feeling like I needed to be sitting in a rocking chair out on a screened-in porch sipping on a mint julep. Images of people fanning themselves talking in deep southern drawls filled my head. The weather was so humid. Muggy. Thick. So thick I felt like I was trying to breath soup through a straw. As a result, I was moving in slow motion all day long. And I haven't recovered. The humidity has moved on, but my body is stuck in first gear.

I'm suffering from a bout of writer's block as well. Not that I consider myself a writer by all means, but I haven't had the motivation to post. Maybe it's because every single project is only mid way done so I have nothing fun to share. Every family member of mine has battled some form of ailment over the course of two weeks as well. That right there sort of takes the zip out of your zinger.

Majority of my time these last few days has been consumed with eliminating stinky smells and germs that surround me. From dogs to kids to carpets to laundry and bathrooms. I've been slightly obsessed with ridding unwanted orders. I've also been on an organizational rampage which feels so good on one hand but a bit frustrating on the other. When I get set on cleaning an unsightly mess, I end up leaving a wake of unorganized chaos behind me. Anyone else relate to my plight? One step ahead, two steps back.

The sunshine is out this afternoon and it has perked me up. The sickies are on the way out (knock on wood) and my surroundings are not so stinky at the moment. I do love this time of year when I can crack open the windows and let the crisp fresh fall air stream in.

Anyhoo....more to come very soon. I promise.


Stephanie said...

I so feel you! I swear the more you clean and organize the bigger mess you leave in the meanwhile... I'm sure someday we'll catch up, right?...

little irish said...

Totall frustrating isn't it....the kids and dogs don't help either. Hee hee.