September 30, 2010

not a belly itcher

El Fuego has been under the weather the last few days. He came home sick on Friday and spent the entire weekend on the couch. This is soooo not like my son to sit in one place for longer than 10 minutes. He is a mover and shaker ya'll.

Along came Monday morning and he went back to school. Still a little sluggish and slow but acting better.

Then Tuesday was a giant grenade of unpleasantries in more ways than one.

So Wednesday he checked out and spent another day on the couch. However, he was on the mend and he had a make up baseball game ahead of him. And, what does any good parent do when their child stays home sick from school?? They force them to get out there and get some fresh air, chat with friends and play baseball darn it!! And, if it doesn't work out? Well, then you said you tried and you come home.

Lucky for all involved, it was a success and just what the doctor ordered for this little man going through more turmoil than just a tummy ache. It gave him the boost of confidence he needed and he came home feeling better all around.

Today, he woke with a smile on his face. Not to mention for a moment, I recognized that glimmer in his eye that tells me El Fuego is back in full force.

This guy can pitch too! It's so exciting to see him playing baseball and having a great time doing it.

Just like a pro!

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