September 8, 2010

shaun white or norville "shaggy" rogers?

*cell phone picture*

This is my son, El Fuego, who naturally has a head of red locks but when I saw this bundle (brand new in it's package labeled '70s Guy Wig') at the Goodwill today I knew I had to acquire it. Why was I at the Goodwill you ask? Well, for starters I had no idea we had such a huge location so near to my sleepy town. Secondly, I wanted to scope out any furniture begging for makeovers. (Nada in that department by the way.) And, since I was there, we took a looksie around the clothing for any pieces of apparel we would snag for our Halloween costumes.

When Petite Artiste got her hair cut (professionally.....*cough*....) a phenomenon happened in our house. Reruns of Scooby-Doo started finding their way into our family room. All the kids were enthralled. Could. Not. Look. Away. Even I would find myself stopped in my tracks watching those meddling kids solve mysteries. Miss Petite decided she was Velma naturally because of their similar styles in hair dos.

And then it began. The seed was planted and my quest to recreate Mystery Inc was all lit up.

Petite Artiste will be Velma. Miss Divine will be Daphne and El Fuego picked Shaggy (not Fred, which I thought was an interesting role choice). This afternoon my friend sent me a picture of her wee Scooby-Doo....I think I'm forming my little incorporation plus a monster mystery case for the kids to crack.


Emily said...

Ok, first of all, I thought this was El Fuego's real hair and for a minute was freaking out about how it got so long and do I like it?

Once we got past that, I exhaled and then smiled. LOVE the Scooby Doo idea. We were going to do that last year: Hadley/Velma, Finn/Fred (who doesn't love a child in an ascot?) Peter/Shaggy, Me/Daphne, Atticus/Scoob.
Hope all is well. Love your DIY attitude. You inspire me!

little irish said...

What a crack up....I've thought about growing his hair out before but it always gets to that stage I can't stand it, and I send him to get it cut.

You guys should totally dress up as Mystery Inc. I love it!!! So fun! Finn would make the cutest darn Fred I've ever fact, can you send him to me so we could borrow him on Halloween night?? Hee hee.

Now that I'm getting some extra snoozes, I have all this energy. Who knew sleeping with a thing up my nose would make such a difference?! LOL