September 15, 2010

knobby knobs

I very recently acquired this dresser at a screaming deal. I wasn't really looking for anything because I have a handful of half started projects sitting my garage at this very moment. Mr. Hawthorne is teaching me the fine art of painting furniture perfectly, because he is pretty perfect at it. I have many things I've been packing around from house to house that are too ugly to display but hold too many sentimental memories to get rid of. Like my childhood dresser, my mother's coffee table and my grandmother's circle occasional table. Oh and a few months ago we brought home three bar stools from Mr. Hawthorne's parent's house. I very much want to give them all new life but I'm afraid I'll totally mess them up. Not wanting to eat up every non-working and non-sleeping moment of time on my painting projects, I've asked my handy hubby to help me learn. So when I found this little treasure, I decided it could be my learning curve.

Found this in the top drawer...
I'm hoping this means I earned myself one heck of a deal?!
It's pretty ugly right  now. The stain doesn't do much for the design. At first I thought it would be a super cute girl dresser painted white. But after sanding it yesterday, the legs and the little lip on top were telling me it needed to be black. Then I thought how cute it would be painted a shade of red for a boy. I'm still undecided.

Maybe these cute knobs from Anthropologie will help me decide.

Nope! Still unsure. What do you think?

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