September 4, 2010

This morning, I stumbled across my newest and probably my biggest blog crush to date. I love me some how-to projects yo!! Ana-White had me at "hello!" No joke! She's got plans and supply lists and painting tips and pictures galore. Somebody pinch me because I think I just fell over dead. For reals! I printed out the plans to a little farmhouse bench and showed them to Mr. Hawthorne. He asked if I wanted him to make me one today. And I said: "Uh, yes please!" Handy hubby totally knows my weakness.

Recently I have been standing in home improvement stores oogling over paint colors and studying glazing techniques. The miracle of paint and how it can magically transform something totally feeds into my instant gratification self. I've been shopping my house and drawing up plans in my head for all the items I want to paint and make new. Like this antique table I have hidden under a table cloth in my living room right this very minute. It's been passed down from my grandmother to my mom to my aunt, back to my mom and then to me. I've been practicing my skillz before I attempt to do anything drastic to this table in fear I'll mess it. But that's another story. For now, I've been trying my hand at painting, distressing and glazing on things I know I can't ruin.

And here's the secret peeps....with a little practice, it's really not that hard. Plus with Mr. Hawthorne around, I really can't go wrong. He has a way with paint as I've sent him to work on several furniture pieces already.

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