July 29, 2008

dear GAP, it's me again . . . .

Dear GAP,

You've done it again. You know I can't stay mad you for very long, you three-lettered charmer you! I still disagree with your prices little mister, but I do love your soft fabric and boho chic style. You've lured me in with this,

and this,
and this,
and even this!!
And won!

So even though after washing those long-ass, amazonian, curvy trousers, I discovered they had lots of shrinkage and fit great now (my bad!), I still have a hard time finding curvy pants in your stores over size 2 which is a little hard to swallow my friend. And believe me, I've swallowed a lot to get to the size I am! But I forgive and I have begun to trust you a little bit more with such cute tops. Although I still do not believe women wearing size two need extra room in the bottom, rear-end region. I'm just sayin' . . . . Think about it!

Once again,

Your friend,

Little Irish

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